We Are The Peekaboos!

The Peekaboos are four imaginative and extremely talented orphaned circus animals who live in a firehouse and sing, dance and play music in a band! They travel across the country in a friendly fire truck to perform musical shows for kids and their families. Their children’s album is full of music for kids and is considered some of the best kids music available today. The Peekaboos created the best children’s album of the year by putting all of their favorite music in one album for kids and families to enjoy! The Album is called “All About The Peekaboos” and takes kids on a creative and exciting adventure filled with dancing, singing, learning and fun!

The Peekaboos Music is Now Available Online!

The album is up for consideration for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards that will be held in January of 2018! If The Peekaboos Album is nominated for or wins a Grammy Award, it will be because we have made fans like you and your kids very happy with our music! We hope you enjoy learning all about The Peekaboos and that you and your kids will grow with this amazing group that’s destined to be a global phenomenon! If you want to get the Best Kids Album EVER for your kids, “All About The Peekaboos” is available to download everywhere online. We look forward to going on a musical journey with you!

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“The Peekaboos Children’s Album is by far the best written and produced music for kids that I’ve heard in over a decade!”

– Andrew Lane, Billboard Award Winning Producer